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ATV320 Redefines Possibilities For Machine Manufacturers

The Altivar™ Machine ATV320, part of the Altivar Machine range, is a powerful combination of safety, reliability and simplicity. ATV320 is a versatile choice which can help reduce installation costs and enhance throughput on machine performance. With robust design standards, it gives the best option for extending on OEM machine life cycle.

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Powerful, robust and flexible

The Altivar Machine ATV320 has a number of out-of-the-box
features for building more effective machines at optimized
build costs, including:

Unprecedented flexibility

• Simplified installation thanks to the availability of 3 form factors: compact, book and IP66/65 that allow efficient space usage in various cabinet layouts despite mechanical and environmental constraints.

Improved machine performance

• Reliable motor control for asynchronous and synchronous motors, delivering leading-edge performance with simple, plug-and-play commissioning with high overcurrent ability to help machines reach better dynamic performance.

Extended machine availability

• Continuous machine operation as a result of robust design. Printed circuit boards are class 3C3 & 3S2 coated in accordance with IEC 61721-3-3 to protect against corrosion in harsh environments. The drive allows for uninterrupted operation with ambient temperatures up to 60°C. Washable drives equipped with high IP protection and flexible panel building ability, thus permitting usage in harsh environments.

Automation and Safety

• Comprehensive embedded safety & PLC solutions for simple application requirements. ATV320 is with integrated PLC and safety functions (SLS, SMS, SS1, GDL, STO)

ATV320 Compact designed for
machine body integration

ATV320 Book
designed for optimized cabinet usage

ATV320 High IP protection
designed for harsh environment

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