Schneider Electric’s New Universal LED Contact Block

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The new Universal White LED contact block works with all colors of pushbuttons, pilot lights, and switches!

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the release of a new technology for its XB4 and XB5 22mm diameter pushbutton range that will change the way OEMs design lighting functions. This new universal white LED introduces true homogeneity among each color because there is now the same light intensity behind each head.

Until now, the color of the light function was provided by a combination of the color diode coupled with a head of the same color. From now on, the color of our pilot lights, our illuminated push buttons, and our illuminated selector switches will be determined solely by the product head, leveraging the new Universal White LED contact block.

  • Improved color intensity and saturation
  • Simplified stock management
  • Easier equipment design and faster installation time

Simplified design
A unique and universal white LED block replaces 6 individually-colored blocks of the Harmony XB4/XB5 offering simplifying product placement during design.

Lower inventory
The new white universal LED block design allows partners to simplify their LED block inventory by reducing from 6 references to 1 – up to 79% reduction in LED Block and body references.

Enhanced color saturation
The improved color intensity and reduction of spot effects create better functional visualization when the product is on or off.

New design moves from 6 colored LED blocks
to one universal white LED block with 2 side
LEDs instead of 1.

New saturated colored plastic used on
all heads except white and yellow.

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