Sifam Tinsley In Stock at Lakeland

Looking for high-quality electrical measuring instruments, complying with international standards, and an organization with world-class customer service? Sifam Tinsley Instrumentation is exactly what you have in mind. An established brand name for over 75 years; Sifam Tinsley Instrumentation has an unrivaled pedigree in the industry.

Current Transformers

Sifam Tinsley offers a wide variety of panel instrumentation components including one of their most popular lines, current transformers (CTs). With analog and digital offerings in stock at Lakeland, your current measuring and monitoring needs will be met. Select from single-phase and three-phase CTs with a vast array of system preliminary ratings, apertures, model variants, and accuracies. Sifam Tinsley has the CT parameters your application requires from ANSI series CTs to Split core CTs and more.

To view all of the Sifam Tinsley current transformer varieties, visit their website.

Current Transformer

Analog Panel Meters


Lakeland Engineering has Sifam Tinsley’s Analog Panel Meters in stock. At Lakeland, we can customize any meter for your application whether you’re looking for a non-standard input range or a custom scale.

The range offers AC and DC Ammeters, Voltmeters, and frequency meters utilizing a high torque scale value and features a rear zero adjuster screw for tamperproof installation. AC moving iron meters provides high accuracy and a true RMS measurement of 1.5%.

Digital Panel Meters

It is a digital panel meter used for the measurement & electrical parameters like volt, millivolt & current. It is mainly used in laboratories

Special Features

  • DC Current ranges and DC Voltage ranges
  • 4 ½ Digit ultra bright Display
  • Highly adaptable DPMs suitable for a wide range of measuring applications
  • Versions available for DC Current (mA) and DC voltage (mV & Volts) inputs

Personalized Customer Support

Lakeland and Sifam Tinsley deliver a personalized process that only just begins at the sale of the product. Many members of the Lakeland team have worked closely with the Sifam Tinsley product line, which enhances the level of support you receive. Shop online for Sifam Tinsley’s current transformers or contact Lakeland today to discuss your needs.