Sifam Tinsley is the Latest Electrical Measuring Supplier Added to Lakeland’s Product Offering

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Lakeland continues to grow in accordance with the needs of our customers. In 2020, Lakeland expanded their product offering to include electrical test and measurement equipment. The latest line in this expansion is industry-leading manufacturer, Sifam Tinsley. All of the Sifam Tinsley products and processes are customized according to the scope of each customer’s unique requirements.

They offer a wide variety of panel instrumentation components including one of their most popular lines, current transformers (CTs). With analog and digital offerings in-stock at Lakeland, your current measuring and monitoring needs will be met. Select from single phase and three phase CTs with a vast array of system primary ratings, apertures, model variants and accuracies. Sifam Tinsley has the CT parameters your application requires, from ANSI series CTs, to Split core CTs, and more.

Sifam Tinsley Current Transformer Options Include:

Omega 10 Split Core Current Transformers

split core current transformers
  • Hinged split core and swing open for ease of installation – two options for bus bar mounting
  • Cable tie provision for faster installation
  • Safety plug in shorting link
  • Available with M4 size terminals
  • Provided with 3M/1M wire for 1A/5A output
  • Wide range of system current ratings

Omega 30 ANSI Series Current Transformers

omega 30 ansi current transformers
  • Applicable standard : ANSI/IEEE C57.13
  • Case: 10% glass filled polycarbonate, flame retardant grades classified UL 94V-0.
  • Insulation Level: 600 Volts, 10KV BIL full wave
  • Non-standard length possible if specified
  • For all the SHT & SFT types terminals are brass studs No. 8-32 with one flat washer, lock washer & regular nut
  • All the SHT & SFT models also available as SHL & SFL with leads
  • For all the SHT typesmounting bracket kit when required

Omega 10x Square DIN Current Transformer

square DIN current transformers
  • Trouble free installation
  • Wide range of system current from 100A to 5000A
  • UL 94 V-0 approved polycarbonate casing
  • CE and UL approved
  • Available in five different sizes and accuracy class 0.5 and 1.0

Theta Current Transformer with Transducer

  • 2 in 1 connection of transducer and CT
  • Measurement of AC current up to 750 A
  • High output load resistance up to 750 ohm
  • True RMS and Average measurement
  • Spring clamp terminal for Easy and Safe connection

To view all of the Sifam Tinsley current transformer varieties, visit their website.

Personalized Customer Support

Lakeland and Sifam Tinsley deliver a personalized process that only just begins at the sale of the product. Many members of the Lakeland team have worked closely with the Sifam Tinsley product line, which enhances the level of support you receive. Shop online for Sifam Tinsley current transformers or contact Lakeland today to discuss your needs.

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