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Lenze is a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control, and automation technology – providing solutions for consumer goods packaging, material handling and logistics, automotive, converting and printing, robotics, and commercial pumps/fans. With global engineering, sales, and manufacturing resources, Lenze is positioned to meet the motion control needs of customers worldwide. Lenze Americas is headquartered in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, with an assembly and logistics center in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Lenze’s global headquarters are located in Hamelin, Germany.

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i500 Inverters

  • New inverter series in the 0.33 to 100 Hp (0.25 to 75 kW) power range.
  • Space saving design: 2.36 in (60 mm) wide by 5.12 in (130 mm) deep, with zero-clearance mounting.
  • Innovative interface options enable faster set-up times.
  • Wide-ranging modular system enables various product configurations depending on machine requirements.
  • Recommended in applications for pumps and fans, conveyors, formers, winders, traveling drives, tool and hoist drives.

g500 Gearboxes

  • Energy savings due to high efficiency of 94% and more with use of helical and bevel gearing.
  • Most compact gearbox on the market – up to 20% reduction compared to Lenze’s previous series.
  • Up to 50% weight savings due to aluminum housing on all gearboxes up to approximately 600 Nm.
  • Long service life and high durability due to special radial shaft seal, innovative motor interface, and reduced spring preload.
  • Standardized shaft and flange dimensions for easy machine integration.

SMV Inverters

  • Inverter series in the 33 to 60 Hp (.25 to 45 kW) power range with rugged environmental capabilities.
  • Intuitive user interface for fast setup and easy navigation parameter structure.
  • Flux Vector operation providing precise motor controls.
  • On-board PID controller with energy saving “Sleep Mode” function.
  • Dynamic speed and torque control for conveyors, food production lines, packaging equipment, plus fan & pump systems.

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