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Pfannenberg, Inc. is a Global Manufacturer of Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Signaling Technologies. Our Thermal Management products are used by some of the largest companies worldwide to keep their electronics cool and safe, protecting critical manufacturing processes. Our Liquid Cooling solutions provide the critical cooling required for manufacturing processes and our visual and acoustic signaling devices protect personnel and equipment satisfying alarm, warning and indication requirements. Our business philosophy – Protection for man, machine and the environment.

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Thermal Management Solutions

  • Pfannenberg Filterfans® and Rainhoods (design rated to NEMA TYPE 3R/4/4x and IPx6) are the ideal solution for clean, non-hazardous environments with an acceptable ambient temperature range outside the enclosure.
  • Pfannenberg DTS, DTI and DTT Cooling Units seal out the ambient air, cooling and re-circulating clean air throughout the enclosure, ideal for use when the outside air has a higher temperature than was it required inside the enclosure. Available for indoor, outdoor and washdown environments.
  • PAI Air/Air Heat Exchangers offer a complete separation of the internal and external air flow due to the integrated heat exchangers: ideal for when the outside air temperature can be used to cool the air in the enclosure while keeping harmful dust and contaminants outside of the enclosure.
  • The use of PWS Air/Water Heat Exchangers is particularly suitable where ambient temperatures are high or the atmosphere is particularly oily or aggressive and a local source of water is available.
  • Heaters & Thermostats ensure that the temperature inside the control cabinet is always correct and that the formation of condensation is prevented.

Liquid Cooling Solutions

  • The CC or “Compact Chiller” series combines the economy of a smaller rack series chiller with the full-featured design of our larger EB Chillers.
  • The EB or “Large Packaged Chiller” allows the maximum cooling capacity in the smallest possible footprint: they require only piping & power to install a solution for process cooling applications.
  • Pfannenberg Series PWW Water/Water Heat Exchangers are designed with two isolated water circuits – one on the supply side, and one on the process side in order to maintain the desired process and/or equipment temperature.
  • Our knowledgeable applications staff is always on hand to discuss your application and to make sure that a proper selection is made, we can easily customize our standard chillers to meet specific application requirements.
  • Each chiller model includes the pump, tank, refrigeration system and controls required for simple installation and reliable, efficient operation.

Signaling Technologies

  • Heavy duty and versatile signaling devices that satisfy numerous alarm, warning and indication requirements.
  • PYRA® Flashing Strobe Lights utilize glass tubes filled with xenon gas to produce a bright flash of light when energized: Units with multiple flash capability offer a variety of flash sequences and rates, these signals are ideal when a visual flash is the priority.
  • PATROL and DS Range of Audible Alarms meet the requirements of IP rating protection as well as having an impact-proof housing: They offer extensive certifications including UL, GL and CE in support of worldwide requirements, these signals are ideal when an audible tone is the priority.
  • PATROL & PYRA Flashing sounders are designed as integrated flashing sounders, rather than combining a sounder with a bolted-on flashing light.: Such devices are particularly well suited for environments with high ambient noise levels.
  • Stacklights: Pfannenberg Series BR 50 stack lights provide convenient visual indication for status, alert, and alarm: The easy-to-assemble component architecture supports up to five interchangeable modules.

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