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Yaskawa America, Inc. manufactures industrial automation equipment, including low and medium voltage variable frequency drives, servo systems, machine controllers, spindle drives and motors, and industrial robots. Our standard products, as well as tailor-made solutions, are well known and have a high reputation for outstanding quality and reliability. Yaskawa America, Inc. employs more than 1,000 people at its Waukegan, IL headquarters, its Buffalo Grove, IL and Oak Creek, WI manufacturing facilities, and in offices across the Americas. For more information, visit yaskawa.com

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  • IEEE519 Compliant  (<5% THD); Ideal for low harmonic applications and 18-pulse retrofits.
  • Full Regeneration capability out of the box.  No external components or filters required.
  • Reduced dv/dt to the motor.
  • Integrated Input Fusing provide 100kA SCCR
  • Safe Torque Off rated for SIL CL3 and PLe


  • Open or Closed Loop Vector for Outstanding Speed Regulation & Torque Control
  • Continuous Auto-Tuning Optimizes Performance by compensating for changes in motor temperature.
  • Embedded Safe Torque Off  (SIL CL2, PLd, Category 3)
  • Supports all major communication protocols, including single port and dual port EtherNet/IP
  • Available from 1HP through 1000HP


  • High Performance Vector VFD in a compact footprint; 30kA SCCR Rating
  • Single or Dual Port EtherNet/IP Available
  • Dual Port Safe Torque Off Available
  • Side by Side Installation as standard
  • Removable Terminal Block with Parameter Backup Function

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