Syr-Line Plug-In Timers for Easy Machine & Process Control

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How Syr-line plug-in timers save money, time and space, and provide reliable and safe performance in industrial environments

crouzet plug-in timers

PLCs and logic controllers are ideal for many uses but are overkill in applications where basic timing control is the function you need. Crouzet, a global supplier of automation and control solutions, presents a new line of Syr-line brand plug-in timers that are easy to use, have all the needed timing functions, maximize space, and offer extra features for added convenience.

The new Syr-Line Plug-In Timers are ideal in a variety of applications, including:

  • Industrial
  • Energy
  • HVAC
  • Food & Beverage
  • Railway
  • Access Control

Process and design engineers recognize the value of Syr-line plug-in timers for the:

crouzet syr-line plug-in timersEase of Use

  • Simple programming using dials (use your fingers or a screwdriver)
  • No need to understand a ladder logic or function block programming


  • 14 different programming functions
  • Multi-function options available
  • 12-240V AC/DC universal input

Space Saving

  • Compact size – 1.4” x 1.8” x 3.25” (W x H x L)
  • Plugs into standard 8-pin or 11-pin relay sockets

Added Features

  • Dual output option – 2nd relay operates simultaneously, instantaneously, or delayed
  • Protective cover with locking capability

Application Assistance & Local Support 

Want to learn more about the new Syr-line plug-in timers? Lakeland is an authorized distributor of the Crouzet line of products. Our team of resources provides expert application assistance, in-person support and more. To inquire about this new product line or request a quote, contact us today.

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