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Why do many users choose PULS power supplies over other power supply manufacturers? PULS has proven that their products have the highest efficiency rating at 95.6% – saving ample energy costs. This unbeatable efficiency rating is thanks to PULS’ innovative switch design and high-quality manufacturing. This efficiency rating leads to lower no-load losses and thus less heat generation in the entire system.

In addition, PULS power supplies are convection cooled, making them extremely reliable and long lasting. For end-users in particular, these factors are vital in the decision making process. If ease of installation and commissioning are also important to your business, PULS makes it quick and easy to attach power supplies to the DIN-Rail and wire it to the mains and load. Your local Lakeland rep, Brent Miller, can assist with this as well.

Lakeland and PULS have a close relationship and are offering qualifying users the opportunity to try a PULS power supply sample. What’s unique about this offering is that your local rep takes the time to personally call you to qualify and pair you with the right power supply as we know it is a not a one size fits all approach. The reason we’re offering to qualify you to try a PULS power supply is how much we believe in the product line and have personally seen the benefits of end users and OEMs who have added these or switched to these within their applications.

Complete the simple form to the right and we’ll contact you within less than 48hours to qualify your request and send or drop-off a sample. Read on to learn why PULS power supplies provide reliability and a long lifetime that in-turn save on a variety of costs.

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PULS Cool Design Provides Reliability and Longer Lifetime

puls cool design

Convection, or natural cooling, enhances the reliability of components. To ensure this is efficient under peak loads, PULS designs with a ‘cool design’ meaning that the components that determine the lifetime of the power supply, such as the electrolytic capacitors, are positioned at the coolest points in the unit. This plays a vital role in efficiency as an increase in the temperature of only 10°C, for example, reduces the lifetime of electrolytic capacitors by half.

The robust switch design and efficiency values lead to high reliability and an extremely long lifetime. Efficiency of a power supply also has a positive effect on the surrounding components because it stays cool even at full demand. Expect to save on energy costs, maintenance costs and replacement costs with PULS power supply units.

How Do I Measure the Efficiency of my Power Supplies?

Many users come to Lakeland believing that their power supply is already energy efficient. With a power analyzer, we can accurately measure the efficiency of your units and see if there is room for improvement and in-turn cost savings. Upon completion of the form, let us know if this is something you’re interested in if you qualify for the free PULS power supply sample. There are a variety of other factors that play a role in correct energy efficiency measurement, including: cabling, voltage measurement, AC source, EMC interference, temperature influence, and time influence.

If you’re interested in trying a PULS power supply sample, complete the simple form above and we’ll be in touch within 48hours. For more information or specific questions, contact us today.