What Type of Cooling Unit Does Your Enclosure and Application Area Require?

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Pfannenberg Air to Air Heat Exchangers for Energy-Efficient, Hazardous-Location Approved Enclosure Cooling

pfnannenberg air to air

Pfannenberg’s Filterfans® have evolved into the trusted name for forced convective cooling to circulate and cool the air in your enclosures. Cooling with ambient air, or air outside of the enclosure, is the most economical and energy efficient type of cooling.


When are Cooling Units Necessary?

  • If cooling cannot be accomplished by the outside air
  • If the temperature required inside the electrical cabinet should be equal to or lower than the ambient temperature
  • If the ambient air is strongly contaminated with oil or conductive dusts
  • When higher ingress protection is required (Type rating)

When to Consider an Air to Air Heat Exchanger

pfnannenberg air to air heat exchanger

While Filterfans work well in clean, non-hazardous environments in specific ambient temperature ranges, they are not recommended for hazardous location use. When ambient air is contaminated by dust, liquid or gases, the components inside the enclosure can be damaged if contact occurs. To separate the interior of the enclosure from the atmosphere and harmful contaminants to the integrated electrical control components, the Air to Air Heat Exchanger is the perfect solution.

The Pfannenberg Air to Air heat Exchanger allows a complete separation of the internal and external air flow with integrated heat exchangers. The εCOOL air/air heat exchangers can be a great alternative to Pfannenberg Filterfans.

Pfannenberg Air/Air Heat Exchangers are an ideal solution for application areas with contaminated air, including:

  • A dual air circuit design keeps complete separation of the internal and external air
  • The interior of the enclosure is thus hermetically separated from the atmosphere
  • Harmful dust, gas or fluids can no longer cause damage to the integrated components
  • The robust steel construction of the air/ air heat exchangers makes their operation in harsh industrial processes possible

Pfannenberg’s εCOOL products feature:

  • A maintenance friendly design
  • Quick installation and reduced maintenance time
  • Energy efficient
  • Hazardous location approved

Pfannnenberg also offers a variety of other thermal management solutions for a variety of industries. Among these solutions are the recently released sanitary rainhoods and a specialty 4X stainless steel rainhood to meet the FDA compatible requirements found in Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facilities.

To learn more about Pfannenberg, visit their website. For application assistance or to request a proposal, connect with your local account manager by contacting Lakeland Engineering today.

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