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Kitting, Assembly, Coil Changes, VFD Programming Assistance and More

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company is much more than an electrical component distributor. We regularly provide value-add services including kitting, assembly, valve coil changes, adding your items to our stock, drive and soft starter programming assistance and more. Our goal is to help streamline your process to save you time and money. Take a look at all of the value-add services Lakeland provides below.

Kitting Programs – Save Time by Consolidating your Solution into a Single Part Number

kitting electrical components

Does your purchasing department spend time ordering long lists of part numbers in varying quantities to create one complete solution? Let Lakeland kit your electronic components to save time and money. Our electrical component kitting solutions are ideal for customers who repeat order multiple part numbers and quantities from the same supplier or customers who order repeat assembly.

Lakeland will consolidate your components into a single part number for easy, efficient ordering and inventory management that saves you time and eliminates human error. Kitting solutions free-up resources and streamline your operations.

Main Push Buttons

Let Lakeland Assemble Your Push Buttons, Push Button Stations and Limit Switches

At Lakeland, we assemble push buttons, push button stations and limit switches. These parts consist of multiple components. Instead of spending the time to assemble these once your components arrive, have Lakeland do this in-house as one of our value-add solutions of choosing us as your distributor. When your components arrive, you’ll be confident in knowing that experienced assemblers already have your solution ready to go, making it simple for you to take the component out of the box and immediately replace it within your application.

Coil Changes on ASCO Valves

Asco Combustion Valves

As a verified distributor of ASCO for more than 60-years, Lakeland is proud to offer our customers the full line of ASCO solenoid valves to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam. We understand that valves are critical to your operational efficiency, which is why we’ve made it a priority to perform coil changes on valves in-house. If we don’t have the exact valve you’re looking for in-stock, we perform coil voltage change-outs to create the right solution, fast. For example, if you need a 8210G094 120/60 but we only have a 8210G094 24/60 valve, we’ll take the 24/60 coil off and replace it with the 120/60 coil we have in-stock to create the right valve.

VFD Programming and Support

drive start-up

The team at Lakeland is equipped with certified drives specialists, trained on Yaskawa, Schneider Electric, Lenze, ABB and many other industry leading suppliers of variable frequency drives and soft starters.

If you have a VFD program or one you’ve written, our drives specialists will load the program onto your VFD or soft starter. If you don’t have a program yet, Lakeland will help you spec the right program based on your drive or provide a complete solution with the drive and programming already installed. In fact, we take it a step further and come out to your facility to start-up your drive or provide troubleshooting assistance.

Avoid Machine Downtime + Long Lead Times with Stocking Options

flexible stocking optionsQuick lead times and items in-stock are vital to your operations. While we carry thousands of items in stock, Lakeland also offers flexible options to add your components to our inventory. Adding your items in inventory mitigates product availability, lead times, machine downtime and operational time. This is a value-add service with no additional stocking fees.

Some of Lakeland’s most popular in-stock items are Honeywell MicroSwitch, ASCO solenoid valves, PULS DIN-rail power supplies, Marathon Special Products fuse holders and blocks, IDEC power supplies and more. Download the PDF to see the recent items we’ve added to our stock.

Connect with your local Lakeland rep to learn more and start taking advantage of Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company’s value-add services.

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