What Can You Do to Prevent Rust on Your Power Supply?

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Rust is typically only a visual flaw on the housings and screws. But it may also arise on the connectors of the power supplies . Components making electrical connections such as plug connectors, relay contacts and soldered joints are particularly critical. Rust formation in these areas, often causes a loss of function or even total failure.

The removal of rust is usually very time-consuming and needs special equipment. There are even companies that specialize entirely in cleaning industrial electronics. So the best thing you can do is to prevent rust on your power supply before it occurs.

Analyze the environment of your application: 

  • Is the application exposed to substances that accelerate corrosion (see box “Corrosion accelerating substances”)? If yes, which gases and to what extent?
  • How high is the humidity to which the application is exposed?
  • Is the application exposed to salt or salt mist?
  • Are there strong temperature fluctuations?
  • Are electronic components, such as the power supply, protected by a control cabinet with an IP rating or not?

Ask the manufacturer about the following topics before you decide for a power supply:

  • Certain materials, such as silver for soldering, accelerate the reaction with corrosive gases. Are such materials used in the power supply design? If yes, to what extend?
  • Are the printed circuit boards of high quality and is good tinning used on the copper traces?
  • Are the contact pins of plug connectors protected against corrosive gases by using generously proportioned and fitted housings?
  • Are coatings and sealing made from silicone?  If yes, this will barely help to prevent rust. Silicone and silicone coatings are gas-transparent and only provide little protection against corrosive gases.
  • Are components such as potentiometers or relays used in sealed versions?
  • Do the metal parts, especially screws, feature the best corrosion protection?

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