Summer is Coming in Hot, Protect Your Electrical Enclosures

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Pfannenberg Thermal Management Solutions

Summer is coming in hot, plan ahead with thermal management solutions to keep your equipment up and running by protecting the electrical components inside of your electrical enclosures. Heat, humidity, condensation and debris can all cause interference within an electrical enclosure. Ensuring that thermal management solutions and electrical equipment are correctly set-up inside of electrical enclosures while performing preventative maintenance can eliminate component degradation and factory downtime.

The top tips for summer preventative maintenance on your cooling system, include:

  • Cleaning coils: remove build-up and blockage on coils.
  • Cleaning intake fins on air conditioning units and cooling units
  • Investing in the right equipment

PKS Air / Air Heat Exchanger

thermal management solutionsInvesting in efficient cooling options like the Pfannenberg PKS Air / Air Heat Exchanger can save maintenance time and costs. The Air / Air Heat Exchanger uses Pfanneberg’s Kinetic Cooling System™ to efficiently exchange and remove heat from an electrical enclosure while still providing a closed loop ingress protection.

Benefits of the PKS Air / Air Heat Exchanger:

  • Reduces energy
  • Saves maintenance costs
  • Easier installation
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Greater Cooling Capacity Per Density CCPD™
  • Eliminates risk of contaminants getting inside the enclosure
  • Protects in harsh environments, designed for use in NEMA 3R, 4, and 4X environments

Master Distributor of Pfanennberg Products

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company is a master distributor of Pfannenberg, offering greater availability and application assistance from a trained team member. If you’re unsure of which thermal management solution is right for your environment or application, we’re here to help. Ensure your systems are ready for the summer heat by contacting us today.


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