Case Study: Acer Engineers Automated Material Feed System with Electrical Components

Acer Engineers Automated Material Feed System Supplied with Electrical Components from Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company How the Ranger Paves the Way for the Truss Industry & Sets the Pace of Production   OVERVIEW Acer Inc. was developing their first automated material handling system based on pneumatics/vacuum. They knew there was a need for this type [ … ]

acer motor control

Optimize Your Control Panel: How to Apply UL 489 and UL 1077 Devices

Understanding How to Apply UL 489 and UL 1077 Devices Do you know the differences between UL 489 and UL 1077? The key to understanding UL 1077 supplementary protection and UL 489 branch protection requirements is to first understand how to identify the products, the applications they can be used for and importance of selecting [ … ]

ASCO 316L Stainless Steel Accessory Valves for Valve Automation

ASCO recently introduced a new range of 316L accessory valves for actuator control applications. The new ASCO 800 Series includes: Quick exhaust valves Flow control valves Check valves Pressure relief valves All ASCO accessory valves are available in 316L stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. The key features of the new ASCO accessory valves include: [ … ]

New LioN-Power Products

LioN-Power Expands Product Offering to Increase Flexibility and Meet IIoT Demands The Lumberg Automation LioN-Power product line from Belden recently expanded their product line to increase flexibility and greater meet the needs of their customers. LioN-Power has added products with universal digital I/O modules, as well as holistic solutions through new IO-Link system devices. The [ … ]

ASCO Low Power 327 Series High Flow, Direct Acting Valves

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company’s over 60-year supplier, ASCO, recently released the ASCO 327 series valves. These valves are now available in low power DC constructions. The new ASCO 327 series valves provide the same high flow as the standard 327 series while only utilizing 2 watts of power. These products have a robust design to ensure [ … ]

ASCO 327 Series

Lakeland Salvation Army Bell Ringing & Holiday Hours

Lakeland’s Holiday Hours and Traditions Lakeland has a long tradition of giving back to the communities in which we live and do business in. Since 1993, the Lakeland Foundation has donated significant amounts of money to local and national charities. During the holiday season, Lakeland employees volunteer for the Salvation Army’s annual bell-ringing campaign in [ … ]

Are you in Compliance with NEC Surge Protection Code 670.6?

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company is committed to keeping our customers up to date on the latest safety and compliance information. The NFPA 70, or National Electrical Code (NEC), implemented a new code that specifically affects the industrial industry. The NEC Code 670.6 states that, “industrial machinery with safety interlock circuits shall have surge protection installed.” The [ … ]

NFPA NEC Code 670.6

Honeywell Limit Switches for Hazardous Environments

Safety and reliability are key factors to consider when selecting a limit switch for your hazardous location environment. These switches are expected to operate in the midst of explosive, polluted, and hazardous environments. This often results in more electronic failures and breakdowns. The series or model of limit switch selected must be able to withstand [ … ]

PULS CP20 Series Provides High Energy Efficiency Ratings

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company is proud to offer our customers the PULS product line. PULS is known as an industry-leader in DIN-Rail mounted switched-mode power supplies. Recently PULS released two new new 20A @ 24V power supplies in the CP20 Series. The new models include the CP20.241 power supply and the CP20.241-R2 redundant power supply. The [ … ]